Friday, June 10, 2005

Young Men Prepare For Profits In Real Estate

A pair of young men were looking through some real estate books yesterday and discussing their plans. One man indicated that according to the book that he was reading they could expect between 50-300% return on their investment. All they had to do was buy some houses that needed a little work, paint them up, and then put them right back on the market. He said that the book explained how they could buy these houses without having any money of their own.
His friend said that his book discussed 'zero down' financing as well but talked about how by accepting payments directly from the buyers rather that taking a bulk sum from a bank, they could create a positive cash flow in six figures by the end of the year.
The first young man said that was good news because his regular job was really beginning to get to him. Knowing that he could walk away by the end of the year was a real relief, he said as he began to pack up.
His friend agreed and began to stuff his notes into his backpack. Then, as they placed the books back on the shelf, he wondered if they ought to buy at least one of them.
No way, the first man said, they're like twenty bucks each.


Harry said...

Wise guys, eh?!

Anonymous said...

They probably went to the section where they sell the books on how to win big in Vegas, all the secrets to becoming a millionare for 19.95.

The secret is, of course, to write a book about how to become a millionaire and charge 19.95 for it.

Wyrfu said...

Ah, innocence...