Monday, June 13, 2005

Man Tired Of Tolerance

An older gentlemen speaking to someone who might have been his teenage grandson, said that he was getting frustrated hearing the boy talk about tolerance as if it were a religion. He said that tolerance was just another way of saying that everyone gets to make up their own rules. He said that he was constantly being told that he should accept the abhorrent behavior of others rather than speak out against it, all in the name of tolerance. In fact, he said that in this age of tolerance it seemed the only thing that was not allowed was standing up for what was right.
The teenager said he wasn't really sure how anyone could make an argument against tolerance. Of all the things one would stand up for, he felt tolerance should be near the top.
The older gentlemen said that he was happy to listen respectfully to different points of view, but he certainly wasn't prepared to accept them as morally equal.
There is such thing is right and wrong, he said.
But who says which is which? asked the teen.
No one these days, said the older man, and that's the problem.


Anonymous said...

Would it be wrong of me to ask how your abs are doing, Mr. Kyle?

Harry said...

Wisdom and youth, butting heads again.

Unknown said...

I'll post an ab update soon. Broke my ankle about a month ago and have sort of fallen off the exercise wagon, so it may not be pretty.

Wyrfu said...

Well, your mental abs are fine...