Friday, June 24, 2005

New Cat Ruining Woman's Sex Life

A woman in a coffee shop told her friend yesterday that the presence of her newly adopted cat 'Boots' was having a chilling effect on her sex life. She said the cat had a habit of walking right up next to the action and then sitting down to watch. Her boyfriend apparently found this very intimidating and had said that he cold not perform with the cat staring at him. The woman said that seeing as how she lived in a loft style apartment with no doors and few walls, it was difficult to keep the cat out, and efforts to 'shoo' it away were only momentarily effective. And since her boyfriend still lived with his parents, she said his place was usually not an option either. Thus her sex life had been reduced to trying to quietly fit in 'quickies' when she noticed that the cat was sleeping soundly in another room.
It's worse that sneaking around your parents, she said. At least if you wake your parents they won't come sit on the edge of the bed.


Wyrfu said...

Tales of the voyeur cat... ;)

Unknown said...

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