Monday, June 27, 2005

Thieves Refuse To Keep Man's Car

A distraught man explained to a friend yesterday that his decade old car had been stolen. He said that he felt incredibly stupid in that he did not lock his doors or even roll up his windows under the assumption that the car was so old and battered that no one in their right mind would steal it. Further, on the night it disappeared there had been a lengthy rainstorm which would have soaked the inside of the vehicle. Still, when he woke the next day the man said that his car was gone and when he reported it to the police they informed him that several other cars on the block had been broken into or stolen from on the night in question.
His friend said that was terrible and asked if the man had insurance.
The man admitted he did not. He doubted that the car was worth even a couple hundred dollars and he rarely drove it. At that point he received a phone call, after which he informed his friend that the police had located the car in a towing yard. Apparently the thieves had driven in only a couple blocks before abandoning it in the middle of the street. The man said he assumed it had only taken them that long to realize that their getaway vehicle was a piece of junk with a soaked interior.
I guess being a piece of crap, the man said, is a form of security system all its own.


Anonymous said...

My car is so bad I left it running in a parking lot with all the doors unlocked for four hours and it was still there waiting for me. I couldn't get anyone to steal it even with that kind of invitation.

I never thought of it as security,I thought it was just a curse.

Wyrfu said...

I had a car like that once. It was stolen several times and each time I hoped that I'd never see it again. The police always found it abandoned somewhere...