Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Isn't There More? Vol. II

Circumstances too odd (or possibly boring) for explanation have culminated in yet another opportunity for you click on something which will allow you to whittle away a small chunk of your life reading words that have been pre-arranged in a mildly satisfying manner.


Anonymous said...

And to think, that wonderful story came about just because I gave you the word "carnation". Seems to me that somebody should be thanking somebody else!

Anonymous said...

That was really great Kyle...thanks!!

We just went through the process of looking for a house to buy in a very large, over-priced city in the middle of Arizona. Let me just say a word for those women living in trailers or cruddy apartment buildings, feeling the great question mark raise up in their lives. It's not right!! Prices for homes have climbed to rediculous prices!

We finally found something (and will pay a huge part of our income for the monthly payment), but I felt so discouraged with housing options for those who are not wealthy. I will never look at trailer parks the in same way. *steps off soapbox* Anyway, thanks!