Friday, November 18, 2005

Teens Debate When They Were Most Drunk

Three teens were enjoying cigarettes outside a bookstore cafe last night while vigorously debating when they had been the most drunk. One of the teens argued that it had been in Los Angeles, when he'd had to be carried home by his friends and had vomited on one of their shoulders. Another countered that in fact, it had been on one of their trips to Phoenix. The third agreed, remembering that was the time they'd gotten into the fight with the host's friend and sent him to the hospital, something he said the host found 'hilarious'.

The second teen said that wasn't the time he was referring to, though that had been a good one. He said he was speaking of the time they'd gone to the party in Scottsdale.

The first teen said he didn't remember any party in Scottsdale.

The second teen said that was precisely his point.

The first teen's cell phone rang. He answered and then yelled at the party on the other end, saying that he had 'already fucking told' them that they were waiting outside the bookstore. He then hung up and snubbed out his cigarette.

I can't wait, he said, till I get my goddamned license.


Anonymous said...

Very pathetic, very sad.

Wyrfu said...

Monica's right. Reality sucks.

Anonymous said...

BTW - why do the same group of all-black-wearing 13-year-old, smoking, cussing, hipsters hang out in front of Barnes and Noble EVERY SINGLE DAY. Also, why am I there to recognize them every single day? Hmmm.