Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Woman Feels Friends Divorce Has Improved Her Marriage

A woman talking to a friend in a coffee shop last night said that she felt the ongoing divorce of a mutual acquaintance had drastically improved the state of her own marriage. She and her husband had been talking very little and arguing a great deal of late, but since news of the divorce had gotten out it was if they'd once again found something mutually interesting to discuss. Further, she felt that the emerging details of just how many issues the divorcing husband was having to deal with had led her husband to rediscover his appreciation of being married. They'd been out to dinner four times and had sex twice since the news broke. She said she was so pleased with the change that she was beginning to hold back the latest information regarding the divorce to dole it out more slowly.
Her friend asked why?
She said that it was similar to the way that people tended to drive more safely for a while after seeing a wreck, but after a time they'd simply return to normal.
If I want things to stay like this, she said, I have to keep spreading the wreck down the road.

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Wyrfu said...

Perhaps she could try manipulating more wrecks amongst the people around her as well. ;)