Monday, September 12, 2005

Man With Screwdriver In Anus Feels Hospital Service Is Subpar

A doctor in coffee shop yesterday morning was telling a colleague about a patient who'd been complaining endlessly about the quality of care he'd received since being admitted to the hospital. She said that he'd come in with 'abdominal pain' but had failed to mention anything about the cordless electric screwdriver he'd inserted in his rectum. When they finally discovered the problem through examination, he'd been rushed to surgery where it was discovered that he'd perforated his bowel, something that could easily have killed him. But rather than being remotely grateful as he recovered, she said he'd been complaining about the quality of the food, the fact that he couldn't get his favorite program on the TV, and the lack of attention he felt he'd been receiving from the nursing staff. She said she felt like slapping him and reminding him that he was only here because he'd stuck an appliance into his ass.
Her colleague said it was cases like this that made him question the way medicine was practiced today.
Just in evolutionary terms, he said, should we really be saving the ones with screwdrivers in their asses?


Anonymous said...

ROFL. Such a pertinent question.
The fellow's dissatisfaction with everything and his nasty attitude clearly indicates that he probably always has something stuck ummm... oh, well you know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that wasn't anonymous, that was me. Darn this Blogger.

Wyrfu said...

How fast was the screwdriver going when it ran into him?

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter how fast the screwdriver was going, the rules of the road are that you must leave room to stop regardless of speed. In a rear-end collision, the screwdriver would be presumed to be more than 50% at fault.