Monday, May 08, 2006

Questions I Did Not Think To Ask When We Started Our Relationship That Probably Would Have Saved Us Both A Lot Of Time

Are you or have you ever been diagnosed as certifiably insane?

When you're upset, do you tend to set things on fire and throw them at the person you're angry with?

When you have more than two glasses of wine in a restaurant, do you tend to sob uncontrollably and pull off your clothes while calling out the name 'Gary'?

Are you for or against sleeping with your significant other's coworkers?

What's your policy on taking unidentified medications to 'clear your head' before visiting your significant other's parent's for Christmas? If you took such medications and attempted to 'dance' with the Christmas tree because it was 'just so fucking classic' and then ended up in some sort of wrestling match with the tree, do you think you would be likely to start a small fire in the kitchen later while everyone else was cleaning up?

How many times have you driven a vehicle into a stationary object?

If you were pretending to be a graduate student, approximately how many years do you think you would perpetuate that, including paying imaginary tuition and going to fake study sessions that lasted until four in the morning and resulted in you being passed out on the front lawn?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very happy with your appearance, and 10 being so unhappy you might end up in the hospital after secretly consuming nothing but diet coke for ten days.

Are you the sort of person who can look so beautiful and fragile, so utterly helpless and needy, that when you break down and apologize for even the most egregious of transgressions, that it's virtually impossible not to want to help you, to fix you, to complete you, to fall in love with you over and over and over again for approximately three and a half years? Do your kisses taste like lemonade? Do you have a special way of whispering 'I'm sorry' in someone's ear that makes their brain melt and the hairs on their neck stand up? Do you use sex in places like laundromats and elevators to intentionally cause amnesia in your partners? Do you look a certain way when you wake up in the morning wearing a significant other's shirt that makes it virtually impossible for them to leave even when they've sworn the night before amid a hail of flaming debris that this is it?

Would you call yourself a fan of country music?


Jerry Bowley said...

I see that YOU'RE the "Kyle" she kept going on and on about... Nice to finally meet you!

Hey, did she pull that, "Go ahead, go out with your friends instead of staying home and proving this is a committed relationship" crap with you too?

Just wondering...

Heather said...

Where do you find these women? I can't even imagine you piece them together from every bad girlfriend you've ever heard of.

Regardless, I liked it, and it made me laugh.

revjustin said...

I'll have to go with "Yes" to all the questions.

Except for the last one. Country music gives me gas.

Louisiana said...

yes i can see your point, we should all ask many more questions. i'll have to print your questionaire and go play Q&A with Cuppajoe...

it's a good/funny post, thanks for the laughs..i'm counting that this is just that and not your real life...i hope...


Louisiana said... again, apparently i don't know how to spell the name of my guy, love of my life, mate, sweetheart (is that enough brown nosing Mr. JOe?) Nope-okay- angel, delicious cup of Java...(enough?) thank goodness, anyways now that i have written his name 50 times in all sorts of places on my body let me try it here again: Cuppojoe! There got it right this time...